Cross Rates

Business / Finance / Cross Rates: Applies to derivative products. Hedging with a futures contract that is different from the underlying being hedged. Use of a hedging instrument different from the security being hedged. Hedging instruments are usually selected to have the highest price correlation to the underlying.

Other Words for Cross

Cross Noun Synonyms: hybrid, cross-breed, mongrel, blend, combination
Cross Adjective Synonyms: crucifix, rood
Cross Verb Synonyms: meet, intersect, join

Crossover Network

Technology / Home Audio / Crossover Network: A unit which divides the audio spectrum into two or more frequency bands (Also see Crossover Frequencies). MORE

Crossover Frequencies

Technology / Home Audio / Crossover Frequencies: The frequencies at which a passive or electronic crossover network divides the audio signals, which are then routed to the appropriate amplifiers or speakers. MORE

Crossover Dribble

Entertainment / Basketball / Crossover Dribble: When a ball handler dribbles the ball across his body from one hand to the other. Also called 'rocking the baby.' MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Crossover: A ball thrown on the first shot that misses your pocket and hits either on the wrong pocket or even misses farther to the wrong pocket side. MORE

Crossover Rate

Business / Finance / Crossover Rate: The holding by one corporation of shares in another firm. One needs to allow for cross-holdings when aggregating capitalizations of firms. Ignoring cross-holdings leads to double-counting. MORE

Crossover Slope

Technology / Home Audio / Crossover Slope: The rate at which a crossover circuit attenuates the blocked frequencies. Slope is expressed as decibels per octave. A 6db per octave crossover reduces signal amplitude level by 6db in every octave st MORE