Cum Rights

Business / Finance / Cum Rights: With dividend; said of a stock whose buyer is eligible to receive a declared dividend. Stocks are usually 'cum dividend' for trades made on or before the fifth trading day preceding the record date, when the register of eligible holders is closed for that dividend period. Antithesis of ex-dividend.

Noncumulative Preferred Stock

Business / Finance / Noncumulative Preferred Stock: Preferred stock whose holders must forgo dividend payments when the company misses a dividend payment. Related: Cumulative preferred stock. MORE

Noncumulative Zoning

Business / Real Estate / Noncumulative Zoning: Zoning that allows only the stated use and not more restrictive uses. MORE


Business / Finance / Noncumulative: Applies mainly to convertible securities. Type of preferred stock on which unpaid or omitted dividends do not accrue. Omitted dividends are, as a rule, gone forever. MORE

Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)

Health / Herbs / Mullein (Verbascum thapsus): Helps heal respiratory problems, protects damaged tissue, reduces swelling and pain, has antibiotic qualities. MORE


Science / Weather / Mammatocumulus: An obsolete term for cumulonimbus mammatus, it is a portion of a cumulonimbus cloud that appears as a pouch or udder on the under surface of the cloud. Although they do not cause severe weather, they MORE

Mineral Rights

Business / Real Estate / Mineral Rights: Rights to subsurface land and profits. Nornally, when real property is conveyed, it includes everything above and below the surface of the land, except where specified by the grantor. MORE