Cumulative Abnormal Return (CAR)

Business / Finance / Cumulative Abnormal Return (CAR): With rights.

Other Words for Abnormal

Abnormal Adjective Synonyms: deviant, deviating, irregular, unusual, unconventional, aberrant, exceptional

Other Words for Return

Return Adjective Synonyms: exchange, bring back or carry back
Return Noun Synonyms: replace, put back, restore, give back, bring or carry back
Return Verb Synonyms: come or go back, revert, turn back


Entertainment / Bowling / Return: A track that brings balls back from the pit. MORE

Return Ace

Entertainment / Tennis / Return Ace: It's the shot when the opponent serves and you return the serve and the opponent doesn't hit the ball. MORE

Required Return

Business / Finance / Required Return: The minimum expected return you would need in order to purchase an asset, that is, to make the investment. MORE

Realized Return

Business / Finance / Realized Return: The return that is actually earned over a given time period. MORE

Real Rate Of Return

Business / Finance / Real Rate Of Return: The percentage return on some investments that has been adjusted for inflation. MORE

Return Days

Business / Internet Marketing / Return Days: The number of days an affiliate can earn commission on a conversion (sale or lead) by a referred visitor. MORE