Current Assets

Business / Finance / Current Assets: Net flow of goods, services, and unilateral transactions (gifts) between countries.

Other Words for Assets

Assets Noun Synonyms: property, resources, possessions, holdings, effects, capital, means, valuables, money, wealth

Other Words for Current

Current Adjective Synonyms: contemporary, ongoing, present, contemporaneous, simultaneous, coeval
Current Noun Synonyms: course, progress, tendency, tenor, drift, trend, inclination, mainstream

Current Yield

Business / Finance / Current Yield: Current assets divided by current liabilities. This ratio is a measure of a company's ability to meet its financial obligations in a timely manner. MORE

Current-Coupon Issues

Business / Finance / Current-Coupon Issues: The translation of all of a foreign subsidiary's current assets and liabilities into home currency at the current exchange rate while noncurrent assets and liabilities are translated at the historical MORE

Non-Current Assets

Business / Finance / Non-Current Assets: Assets that are not convertible to cash within one year in the normal course of business. Property and Goodwill are examples of non-current assets. See also current assets. MORE

Miscellaneous Non-Current Assets

Business / Finance / Miscellaneous Non-Current Assets: An account for assets not including current assets, property, plant and equipment, intangibles, deposits, and loans made. MORE

Current (Or Working Capital) Ratio

Business / Accounting / Current (Or Working Capital) Ratio: A measure of the liquidity of a business: equal to current assets divided by current liabilities. MORE

Current Ratio

Business / Finance / Current Ratio: The translation of all foreign currency balance sheet and income statement items at the current exchange rate. MORE