Business / Finance / DM: Used in construction of stock indices. Suppose you have 10 stocks in an index, each worth $10 and the index is at 100. Now suppose you want to replace one of the stocks with another stock (reshuffling happens). Suppose that the new stock to be included is worth $20. So the total value of the index is 110 after the swapping. But we really shouldn't have an increase in value because nothing has happened - other than switching two constituents. So, what people do is to change the divisor. In this case, the divisor goes from 1 to 1.10. Notice that the value of the index, 110/1.1 is now exactly 100 - which is where we began from.

Wage And Salary Administration

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Wage And Salary Administration: Procedures used for planning and administering organization-wide compensation programs for all levels of employees. MORE

CDMA 2000

Technology / Cell Phones / CDMA 2000: A 3G technology that is an evolutionary outgrowth of cdmaOne. It offers operators who have deployed a 2G cdmaOne system a seamless migration path to 3G. cdma2000 supports the 2G network aspect of all MORE

Wideband CDMA (WCDMA)

Technology / Cell Phones / Wideband CDMA (WCDMA): A 3G mobile services platform, based on modern, layered network-protocol structure, similar to the protocol structure used in GSM networks. WCDMA has been designed for high-speed data services and mor MORE