Business / Finance / Dating: Treating cash flows as being received on exact dates-date 0, date 1, and so forth-as opposed to the end-of-year convention.

Accommodating Resistance

Health / Fitness / Accommodating Resistance: This is the increase in resistance through the range of motion. Nautilus machines are designed to provide accommodating resistance. MORE


Business / Finance / Backdating: In the context of mutual funds, a feature allowing fundholders to use an earlier date on a letter of intent to invest in a mutual fund in exchange for a reduced sales charge, e.g. Giving retroactive v MORE

Seasoned Datings

Business / Finance / Seasoned Datings: Extended credit for customers who order goods in periods other than peak seasons. MORE

Liquidating Dividend

Business / Finance / Liquidating Dividend: Payment by a firm to its owners from capital rather than from earnings. MORE

Self-Liquidating Loan

Business / Finance / Self-Liquidating Loan: Loan to finance current assets. The sale of the current assets provides the cash to repay the loan. MORE

Value Dating

Business / Finance / Value Dating: In the market for Eurodollar deposits and foreign exchange, the delivery date of funds traded. For spot transactions, it is normally on spot transactions two days after a transaction is agreed upon. I MORE