De Facto

Business / Finance / De Facto: The number of days a business takes to collect on its accounts receivable, on average.

External Depreciation

Business / Real Estate / External Depreciation: Reduction in a propertys value caused by outside factors (those that are off the property). MORE

NYSE Composite Index

Business / Finance / NYSE Composite Index: Composite index covering price movements of all new world common stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It is based on the close of the market on December 31, 1965, at a level of 50.00, and is MORE

Nutrition Program For The Elderly (NPE)

Business / Agriculture / Nutrition Program For The Elderly (NPE): This program, authorized under Title III of the Older Americans Act, provides (1) basic grants to operate nutrition programs for the elderly, such as 'meals-on-wheels' and congregate dining programs, MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Obaideh: White-wine grape grown in the Bakaa Valley of Lebanon. Claimed by some to be the ancestor of the Chardonnay grape. Used by Chateau Musar as a blending wine with Merwal to create an oaked wine capable MORE

Object Code

Entertainment / Video Games / Object Code: What Source Code becomes after being compiled. You can play object code, but you have to compile source code before you can play it. You can read source code, but object code looks like gobbledygook. MORE

Oblique Desension

Science / Astrology / Oblique Desension: The angular complement of oblique ascension; i.e., 180° minus the oblique ascension arc. MORE