Dead Cat Bounce

Business / Finance / Dead Cat Bounce: Existing in actual fact although not by official recognition.

Other Words for Bounce

Bounce Verb Synonyms: bound, rebound, hop, recoil, ricochet
Bounce Noun Synonyms: bound, leap, hop, recoil, ricochet, rebound

Other Words for Dead

Dead Adjective Synonyms: deceased, defunct, extinct, gone, departed, late, lifeless, no more, done for, gone for a burton
Dead Adverb Synonyms: completely, entirely, absolutely, totally, abruptly, suddenly

Muscat Dr. Hoog

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Muscat Dr. Hoog: No other details as yet other than it is listed by the Geilweilerhof database (see Foreword above) as grown in central Europe and used mainly as a tablegrape. May be the heavy-cropping english tablegr MORE

Muscat Du Moulin

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Muscat Du Moulin: Has synonym name Couderc 299-35. No details as yet other than it is one of the parents of the Valvin Muscat variety. MORE

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