Dear Money

Business / Finance / Dear Money: Over-the-counter options, such as those offered by government and mortgage-backed securities dealers.

Other Words for Dear

Dear Adjective Synonyms: expensive, costly, high-priced, highly priced, pricey
Dear Noun Synonyms: dearly, at great cost or expense, at a high or excessive price
Dear Noun Plural Synonyms: beloved, loved, adored, darling, precious, cherished, prized, valued, treasured, favoured, favourite, pet, esteemed, admired, venerated, honoured

Other Words for Money

Money Adjective Synonyms: resources, wealth, fortune, funds, capital, wherewithal, affluence, means, (liquid) assets, riches, bundle
Money Noun Synonyms: currency, legal tender, medium of exchange, specie, (hard) cash, ready money, banknotes, paper money, notes, bills, coin(s), change, small change, (filthy) lucre, pelf, shekels, lolly, readies, folding money, cold (hard)

Near Money

Business / Finance / Near Money: Assets that are easily convertible into cash, such as money market accounts and bank deposits. MORE

Money Wire (Transfer)

Business / Accounting / Money Wire (Transfer): The process of moving money from one bank to another, sometimes between countries. MORE

New Money

Business / Finance / New Money: In a Treasury auction, the amount by which the par value of the securities offered exceeds that of those maturing. MORE

Nonmoney Income

Business / Agriculture / Nonmoney Income: A statistical allowance used in farm income compilations to credit farmers with income for the value of farm products used on the farm (instead of being sold for cash) and the rental value of farm dwe MORE

On The Money

Business / Finance / On The Money: Used in the context of general equities. In-line, or at the same price, as the last sale. MORE

Money Supply

Business / Finance / Money Supply: M1-A: Currency plus demand deposits. MORE