Business / Finance / Debenture: Bonds backed by loans of a policyholder against a life insurance policy. The policyholder will repay the loans while alive or with the benefits from the insurance policy upon death.

Debenture Stock

Business / Finance / Debenture Stock: An unsecured bond whose holder has the claim of a general creditor on all assets of the issuer not pledged specifically to secure other debt. Compare subordinated debenture bond and collateral trust b MORE

Debenture Bond

Business / Finance / Debenture Bond: Any debt obligation backed strictly by the borrower's integrity, e.g. an unsecured bond. A debenture is documented in an indenture. MORE

Consumer Debenture

Business / Finance / Consumer Debenture: Federal legislation establishing rules for the disclosure of the terms of a loan to protect borrowers. See: Truth in lending. MORE

Debentures (Unsecured Bonds)

Business / Accounting / Debentures (Unsecured Bonds): Bonds for which no collateral has been pledged. MORE

Subordinated Debenture Bond

Business / Finance / Subordinated Debenture Bond: Probabilities that are determined subjectively (for example, on the basis of judgment rather than statistical sampling). MORE

High-Premium Convertible Debenture

Business / Finance / High-Premium Convertible Debenture: Bank loan to a highly leveraged firm. MORE