Business / Finance / Declare: The date on which a firm's directors meet and announce the date and amount of the next dividend.

Other Words for Declare

Declare Verb Synonyms: announce, make known, pronounce, decree, rule, proclaim, herald, promulgate, publish, broadcast, trumpet (forth)
Declare Noun Synonyms: assert, say, offer, submit, affirm, state, aver, asseverate, avow, avouch, profess, protest, swear, claim, proclaim, confirm, certify, ratify


Technology / Programming / Method: A method is a function that is declared within a class. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Variable: A quantity that can have many possible values. In designing experiments, variables that affect measurements must be identified and controlled. For example, an experiment that measures reaction rates m MORE


Technology / Programming / Constant: A constant is a value that does not change within a program. It cannot be reassociated with a different value like a variable can. You declare a constant like this: const int constint = 5:, // arduino MORE


Technology / Programming / Array: An array is a collection of variables that are accessed with an index number. An array is declared with a length or with initializers that determine the length. The following code declares an array of MORE


Technology / Computers / Scope: In computer programming, this would refer to a specific identifying enclosing context. Each programming language uses various types of scopes to accomplish different things. MORE

Civil Rights Act Of 1968

Business / Real Estate / Civil Rights Act Of 1968: In 1968, Congress enacted Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act, called the federal Fair Housing Act, which declared a national policy of providing fair housing throughout the United States (Reference Se MORE