Deferred Annuities

Business / Finance / Deferred Annuities: A type of account that delays taxes on that account until some later date.

Deferred Annuity

Business / Taxes / Deferred Annuity: A deferred annuity contract allows you to accumulate tax-deferred earnings during the term of the contract and sometimes add assets to your contract over time. In contrast, an immediate annuity starts MORE

Deferred Call

Business / Finance / Deferred Call: Tax-advantaged life insurance products. Deferred annuities offer deferral of taxes with the option of withdrawing one's funds in the form of life annuity. MORE

Fixed Annuities

Business / Finance / Fixed Annuities: The process of setting a price of a commodity, whether in the present or the future. See: Gold fixing. MORE

Deferred Taxes

Business / Finance / Deferred Taxes: A liability that arises when a customer pays for goods or services before delivery is complete; for example, a one-year service contract billed in advance. Under accrual accounting, revenue must be bo MORE

Deferred Revenue

Business / Finance / Deferred Revenue: An annuity that stipulates payments be made to the annuitant at a later date, such as when the annuitant reaches a certain age. MORE

Deferred Payment Annuity

Business / Finance / Deferred Payment Annuity: A monthly fixed-dollar payment beginning at retirement age. It is nominal because the payment is fixed in a dollar amount at any particular time, up to and including retirement. MORE