Deferred Charge

Business / Finance / Deferred Charge: A provision that prohibits the company from calling the bond before a certain date. During this period the bond is said to be call protected.

Other Words for Charge

Charge Noun Synonyms: load, burden, weight, onus, impediment, care, concern, obligation
Charge Verb Synonyms: fill, imbue, load, instil, pervade, permeate, saturate, suffuse

Late Charge

Business / Debt / Late Charge: A charge imposed by a lender to a borrower when the borrower fails to make payment on the due date. MORE

Ground Water Recharge Area

Science / Geology / Ground Water Recharge Area: A location where surface water or precipitation can infiltrate into the ground and replenish the water supply of an aquifer. MORE

Fuel Charge

Life Style / Travel / Fuel Charge: Amount charged if car renter does not fill the car’s gas tank. MORE

Maintenance Charges

Business / Real Estate / Maintenance Charges: Monthly or annual charges assessed in a condominium, planned united development, or cooperative development to cover operational costs. MORE

Mileage Charge

Life Style / Travel / Mileage Charge: A additional fee charged for each mile of a rental car driven beyond the limited mileage allowance at the time of the rental. MORE

Nonrecurring Charge

Business / Finance / Nonrecurring Charge: A one-time expense or credit shown in a company's financial statement. MORE