Business / Finance / Deliver: Removal of a company's security from listing on an exchange because the firm has not abided by specific regulations.

Other Words for Deliver

Deliver Adjective Synonyms: carry, bring, convey, distribute, give or hand out, purvey, take round, cart, transport
Deliver Verb Synonyms: hand over, give, surrender, cede, yield, make over, relinquish, give up or over, commit, transfer, turn over, resign

Delivery Tracking

Technology / Email / Delivery Tracking: The process of measuring delivery rates by format, ISP or other factors and delivery failures (bounces, invalid address, server and other errors). An inexact science. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / underdelivery : Delivery of less impressions, visitors, or conversions than contracted for a specified period of time. MORE

Delivery Monitoring

Technology / Email / Delivery Monitoring: A process, usually using third party tools and techniques, to measure true delivery rates by campaign and ISP. Also tracks the amount and type of email tagged and/or blocked by server and client-side MORE

Delivery Point

Business / Agriculture / Delivery Point: A location where a commodity can be delivered to fulfill a futures contract. MORE

Delivery Options

Business / Finance / Delivery Options: The written notice given by the seller of its intention to make delivery against an open, short futures position on a particular date. Related: Notice day. MORE

Bad Delivery

Business / Finance / Bad Delivery: Antithesis of good delivery. MORE