Business / Finance / Dependent: An entity defined for reporting purposes.

Independent Study

Life Style / College / Independent Study: A course of study designed by a student and a sponsoring faculty member or teacher. The student works independently on the project and material throughout the term, continually consulting with the ins MORE

Principle Of Independent Assortment

Science / Biology / Principle Of Independent Assortment: Mendels second law; holds that during gamete formation, alleles in one gene pair segregate into gametes independently of the alleles of other gene pairs. As a result, if enough gametes are produced, t MORE

Independent Chuck

Business / Machine Shop / Independent Chuck: A chuck in which each jaw may be moved independently of the others. MORE

Independent 401(K)

Business / Taxes / Independent 401(K): The independent 401(k) — also known as a solo 401(k), indy-k, or uni-k — is a variation of the 401(k) designed for people who are self-employed or operate a small business with a partner, spouse, MORE

Independent Variable

Science / Chemistry / Independent Variable: An independent variable that can be set to a known value in an experiment. Several independent variables may be controlled in an experiment. For example, in an experiment where the vapor pressure of a MORE

Dependent Variable

Science / Chemistry / Dependent Variable: A dependent variable changes in response to changes in independent variables. For example, in an experiment where the vapor pressure of a liquid is measured at several different temperatures, temperat MORE