Derivative Instruments

Business / Finance / Derivative Instruments: The reduction of government's role in controlling markets, which lead to freer markets, and presumably a more efficient marketplace.

Other Words for Derivative

Derivative Adjective Synonyms: derivation, offshoot, development, spin-off, by-product
Derivative Noun Synonyms: derived, borrowed, procured, obtained, acquired, unoriginal, second-hand, copied, imitative, plagiarized, plagiaristic

Derivative Security

Business / Finance / Derivative Security: Markets for derivative instruments. MORE

Fixed Income Instruments

Business / Finance / Fixed Income Instruments: Also called a busted convertible. Convertible security that is trading like a straight security because the optioned common stock is trading well below the conversion price. MORE


Business / Finance / Instruments: Notes issued by a federal agency whose obligations are guaranteed by the full-faith-and-credit of the government, even though the agency's responsibilities are not necessarily those of the U.S. govern MORE

Italian Derivatives Market (IDEM)

Business / Finance / Italian Derivatives Market (IDEM): A derivatives market operated by the Italian Stock Exchange Council. It trades futures and options on the 30 index and individual stock options. See: Italian Stock Exchange. MORE

Weather Derivative

Business / Taxes / Weather Derivative: A weather derivative is a futures contract — or options on that futures contract — where the underlying commodity is a weather index. These derivatives work much the same way that interest-rate or MORE

Derivative Markets

Business / Finance / Derivative Markets: Contracts such as options and futures whose price is derived from the price of an underlying financial asset. MORE