Derivative Markets

Business / Finance / Derivative Markets: Contracts such as options and futures whose price is derived from the price of an underlying financial asset.

Other Words for Derivative

Derivative Adjective Synonyms: derivation, offshoot, development, spin-off, by-product
Derivative Noun Synonyms: derived, borrowed, procured, obtained, acquired, unoriginal, second-hand, copied, imitative, plagiarized, plagiaristic

Italian Derivatives Market (IDEM)

Business / Finance / Italian Derivatives Market (IDEM): A derivatives market operated by the Italian Stock Exchange Council. It trades futures and options on the 30 index and individual stock options. See: Italian Stock Exchange. MORE

Emerging Markets Program

Business / Agriculture / Emerging Markets Program: A program originally authorized by the FACT Act of 1990, and titled the Emerging Democracies Program. The program was authorized to promote U.S. agricultural exports by providing technical assistance MORE

Emerging Markets Fund

Business / Taxes / Emerging Markets Fund: Emerging markets mutual funds invest primarily in the securities of countries in the process of building a market-based economy. Some funds specialize in the markets of a certain region, such as Latin MORE

Negotiated Markets

Business / Finance / Negotiated Markets: Markets in which each transaction is separately negotiated between buyer and seller (i.e., an investor and a dealer). MORE

Perfectly Competitive Financial Markets

Business / Finance / Perfectly Competitive Financial Markets: Markets in which no trader has the power to change the price of goods or services. Perfect capital markets are characterized by certain conditions: (1) Trading is costless, and access to the financial MORE

Weather Derivative

Business / Taxes / Weather Derivative: A weather derivative is a futures contract — or options on that futures contract — where the underlying commodity is a weather index. These derivatives work much the same way that interest-rate or MORE