Business / Finance / Desk: Computerized order entry system that allows orders to buy or sell large baskets of stock to be transmitted immediately to the specialist on the exchange, where execution will occur quickly, depending on the basket size. Also used for odd-lot transactions to occur at the prices and quantities available. See: AOS.

Desktop Window Manager (DWM)

Technology / Computers / Desktop Window Manager (DWM): This new visual style (Aero Glass) and look in Windows Vista is powered by Windows Vista's Desktop Window Manager. A video card supporting the Longhorn Display Driver Model (LDDM) system is necessary MORE

Desk Audit

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Desk Audit: A review of a contractor's documents and materials to determine compliance with affirmative action practices and equal employment obligations as they relate to workforce structure, personnel policies MORE


Technology / Computers / Desktop: Once an operating system finishes loading and you are able to see the graphical background and program icons, this is said to be your 'desktop'. The electronic desktop is a metaphor for the actual des MORE