Business / Finance / Differential: A mutual fund's return minus the change in the Standard & Poor's 500 index for the same time period. A notation of -5.00 means the fund return is 5 percentage points less than the gain in the S&P, while 0.00 means that the fund and the S&P have the same return.

Fluid Differential

Business / Agriculture / Fluid Differential: In federal milk marketing orders, the Class I differential is the amount added to the basic formula price to determine a region’s minimum price for milk used for fluid (drinking) purposes. MORE

Differential Pressure

Technology / Aviation / Differential Pressure: A difference between two pressures. The measurement of airspeed is an example of the use of a differential pressure. MORE

Low Voltage Differential (LVD)

Technology / Computers / Low Voltage Differential (LVD): A differential logic scheme using lower voltage levels than HVD. MORE

Class I Differential

Business / Agriculture / Class I Differential: Under federal milk marketing orders, the minimum price a processor must pay for milk used for fluid consumption (Class I milk) is the basic formula price plus the Class I differential. The Class I dif MORE

Differential Reflectivity (ZDR)

Technology / Radar / Differential Reflectivity (ZDR): Ratio between the reflectivity of a horizontal polarised pulse and the reflectivity of a vertical polarised pulse. Zdr depends on the asymmetry of the shape, the orientation and the falling behaviour MORE

Differential Assessment

Business / Agriculture / Differential Assessment: Basing the valuation of farmland for property tax purposes on its use for farming rather than on its 'highest and best' use, such as potential development. Types of differential assessment include pre MORE