Diffusion Process

Business / Finance / Diffusion Process: Swap between two LIBOR rates of interest, e.g., yen LIBOR for dollar LIBOR Payments are in one currency.

Other Words for Process

Process Noun Synonyms: procedure, proceeding, operation, system, method, approach, technique, course of action

Process Reengineering

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Process Reengineering: The process of improving business practices or methods by creating and implementing new processes or making changes to existing processes. MORE

Process Measures

Health / Health Insurance / Process Measures: Healthcare quality indicators related to the methods and procedures that a managed care organization and its providers use to furnish care. MORE

Process Taste

Life Style / Coffee / Process Taste: This term reflects a number of defects. Some technological treatment of coffee can develop well-identified off-flavors: cooked, caramelized, cereal, and acrid. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Processing: Sequence of steps whereby a latent photographic image is converted into a visible, permanent image. MORE


Technology / Computers / Processor: A processor is a device that processes programmed instructions and performs tasks. Your processor sends and receives information from the different parts of the system (from hardware and software). Th MORE

Processing Fee

Business / Loan / Processing Fee: A fee charged by lenders or brokers to prepare a complete loan application file. A processing fee may be charged to the borrower and shown on the Settlement Statement (HUD-1). MORE