Direct Estimate Method

Business / Finance / Direct Estimate Method: Expenses, such as labor, overhead, and materials, that vary in direct proportion to units produced or services rendered.

Other Words for Direct

Direct Verb Synonyms: guide, lead, conduct, pilot, steer, show or point (the way), be at the helm, advise, counsel, instruct, mastermind,her, escort
Direct Adjective Synonyms: manage, handle, run, administer, govern, regulate, control, operate, superintend, supervise, command, head up, rule, call the shots

Other Words for Estimate

Estimate Noun Synonyms: approximate, gauge, determine, judge, guess, assess, appraise, value, evaluate, reckon, calculate, work out, guesstimate
Estimate Adjective Synonyms: consider, think, believe, guess, conjecture, judge
Estimate Verb Synonyms: approximation, gauge, guess, conjecture, assessment, appraisal, evaluation, reckoning, calculation, guesstimate

Other Words for Method

Method Adjective Synonyms: way, means, procedure, approach, route, avenue, road, mode, manner, technique, process, routine, modus operandi, plan, scheme, programme, course, routine, practice, pattern, system, methodology, M.O.

Méthode Traditionelle (France)

Life Style / Wine / Méthode Traditionelle (France): Winemakers outside Champagne using the Methode Champenoise may use this to describe the process on the label. They are legally prevented from using the term Methode Champenoise. MORE


Technology / Programming / Methods: In object-oriented programming, a function that is defined as part of a class is one of that class' methods. See also attributes. MORE

Modified-Range Ratio Method

Science / Tides and Currents / Modified-Range Ratio Method: A tidal datum computation method. Generally used for the East Coast, Gulf Coast, and Caribbean Island stations. Values needed are mean tide level (MTL), mean diurnal tide level (DTL), mean range of ti MORE

Monetary-Nonmonetary Method

Business / Finance / Monetary-Nonmonetary Method: Under this translation method, monetary items (e.g. cash, accounts payable and receivable, and long-term debt) are represented at the current rate, while nonmonetary items (e.g., inventory, fixed asse MORE

Méthode Champenoise (France)

Life Style / Wine / Méthode Champenoise (France): The traditional method for making Champagne, in which the second fermentation occurs within the bottle. A legally protected term - only Champagne may wear this on the label - although the method is us MORE

Method Definition

Technology / Programming / Method Definition: In c++, this is done in the .cpp file and looks like this: void classname::methodname() { } methods that are included in the .cpp file of a class have to defined in the classes definition in the .h fi MORE