Business / Finance / Dividend: A complete asset or investment disposal such as outright sale or liquidation.

Participating Dividend

Business / Finance / Participating Dividend: Dividend received from ownership of participating preferred stock. MORE

Dividend Yield (Funds)

Business / Finance / Dividend Yield (Funds): Annual dividends per share as a percent of the average annual High-Low price. Current yield is based on last 12 months' or on indicated annual dividend rate whenever possible. MORE

Dividend Growth Model

Business / Finance / Dividend Growth Model: A method to value the common stock of a company that is based on the present value of the expected future dividends. MORE

Dividend Requirement

Business / Finance / Dividend Requirement: Automatic reinvestment of shareholder dividends in more shares of a company's stock, often without commissions. Some plans provide for the purchase of additional shares at a discount to market price. MORE

Dividend Limitation

Business / Finance / Dividend Limitation: Accumulated dividends on cumulative preferred stock that are deemed payable to the current holder. MORE

Dividend In Arrears

Business / Finance / Dividend In Arrears: An approach that assumes dividends grow at a constant rate in perpetuity. The value of the stock equals next year's dividends divided by the difference between the required rate of return and the assu MORE