Dividend Discount Model (DDM)

Business / Finance / Dividend Discount Model (DDM): A group of shareholders who prefer that the firm follow a particular dividend policy. Such a preference may be based on comparable tax situations.

Other Words for Discount

Discount Adjective Synonyms: reduce, mark down, deduct, lower, take or knock off
Discount Verb Synonyms: diminish, lessen, minimize, detract from

Other Words for Model

Model Noun Synonyms: representation, replica, mock-up, maquette, scale model, working model, miniature, dummy, image, likeness, facsimile, copy
Model Verb Synonyms: copy, imitation, facsimile, representative, miniature


Entertainment / Video Games / Modeler: An artist who creates 3D objects or figures. MORE


Business / Finance / Modeling: The process of creating a depiction of reality, such as a graph, picture, or mathematical representation. MORE

Modeling Light

Entertainment / Photography / Modeling Light: Is a light used to create a three dimensional effect achieved through the perception of form and depth. MORE

Model Organisms

Science / Genetics / Model Organisms: A laboratory animal or other organism useful for research. MORE


Technology / Programming / Model: A model is a type or set of types that meets the requirements of a concept. An integer pointer is a model of the input iterator concept. 'model' can also be used as a verb to describe the relationship MORE

Logistic Growth Model

Science / Biology / Logistic Growth Model: A model of population growth in which the population initially grows at an exponential rate until it is limited by some factor; then, the population enters a slower growth phase and eventually stabili MORE