Doctrine Of Sovereign Immunity

Business / Finance / Doctrine Of Sovereign Immunity: Limit order to buy or to sell, or a stop limit order to sell that is not to be reduced by the amount of an ordinary cash dividend on the ex-dividend date. A 'do not reduce order' applies only to ordinary cash dividends, and not stock dividends or rights.

Other Words for Doctrine

Doctrine Verb Synonyms: teaching, body of instruction, precept, principle, tenet, dogma, article of faith, canon, conviction, creed, belief, credo, opinion, idea, concept, theory, proposition, thesis, postulate

Other Words for Immunity

Immunity Adjective Synonyms: exemption, non-liability, invulnerability, protection, excuse, release, exclusion, privilege, freedom, indemnity, amnesty, exoneration, absolution

Other Words for Sovereign

Sovereign Verb Synonyms: monarch, ruler, emperor, empress, king, queen, prince, princess, potentate, chief, master, mistress, shah, sultan, Akund (of Swat), Gaekwar (of Baroda), Nizam (of Hyderabad), Mehtar (of Chitral), Nucifrage of Nuremberg, Sheikh of Araby, supremo
Sovereign Noun Synonyms: royal, regal, majestic, noble, lordly, aristocratic, kingly, queenly

Place Of Articulation

Entertainment / Literature / Place Of Articulation: The point in the oral cavity where the position of speech organs (lips, teeth, tongue, etc.) Is most important for a particular sound. MORE

Pie Model Of Capital Structure

Business / Finance / Pie Model Of Capital Structure: A model of the debt-equity ratio of the firms, graphically depicted in slices of a pie that represent the value of the firm in the capital markets. MORE

Picked Off

Entertainment / Football / Picked Off: Intercepted. MORE

Pick Off

Entertainment / Baseball / Pick Off: An attempt by the pitcher to get a base runner out by throwing to the base from the stretch position. MORE

Plague Of Justinian

Health / Disease / Plague Of Justinian: (541-542) The Plague of Justinian was a pandemic that afflicted the Byzantine Empire, including its capital Constantinople, in the years 541–542 AD. It has been speculated that this pandemic was cau MORE

Plant Variety Protection Act Of 1970

Business / Agriculture / Plant Variety Protection Act Of 1970: P.L. 91-577 (December 24, 1970) was enacted to provide patent-like protection for new non-hybrid seed varieties. The ultimate goal was to create an incentive for public and private research on new com MORE