Dollar Shortage

Business / Finance / Dollar Shortage: The dollar equivalent of the safety cushion for a portfolio in a contingent immunization strategy.

Other Words for Shortage

Shortage Adverb Synonyms: deficit, deficiency, shortfall, dearth, scarcity, lack, want, paucity

Hard Dollars

Business / Finance / Hard Dollars: A freely convertible currency that is not expected to depreciate in value in the foreseeable future. MORE

Maximum Dollar Limit

Health / Health Insurance / Maximum Dollar Limit: The maximum amount of money that an insurance company (or self-insured company) will pay for claims within a specific time period. Maximum dollar limits vary greatly. They may be based on or specified MORE

Nominal Dollars

Business / Finance / Nominal Dollars: Dollars that are not adjusted for inflation. MORE

Fixed-Dollar Security

Business / Finance / Fixed-Dollar Security: Conventional bonds for which the coupon rate is set at a fixed percentage of the par value. MORE

Fixed-Dollar Obligations

Business / Finance / Fixed-Dollar Obligations: A measure of a firm's ability to meet its fixed-charge obligations: the ratio of (net earnings before taxes plus interest charges paid plus long-term lease payments) to (interest charges paid plus lon MORE

Eurodollar Certificate Of Deposit

Business / Finance / Eurodollar Certificate Of Deposit: Eurobonds denominated in U.S.dollars. MORE