Dont Fight The Tape

Business / Finance / Dont Fight The Tape: One who gives property or assets to someone else through the vehicle of a trust.

Other Words for Fight

Fight Noun Synonyms: pugnacity, mettle, militancy, belligerence, truculence, spirit, pluck, zeal, enthusiasm, zest
Fight Adjective Synonyms: contend (with), battle, conflict (with), encounter, war (against), engage, clash, take up arms (against), feud (with), combat, bear or take up arms (against), brawl, struggle or strive (with or against), cross swords (with), close (with)
Fight Verb Synonyms: argue, dispute, bicker, quarrel, wrangle, squabble, spat, tiff, fall out (over), have words, disagree, row, altercate, debate

Other Words for Tape

Tape Noun Synonyms: strip, band, fillet, stripe, strap, belt, ribbon
Tape Verb Synonyms: (tape) recording, reel, spool, cassette, video

Other Words for The

The Adjective Synonyms: drama, the stage, dramaturgy, dramatic or Thespian or histrionic art(s), the boards, show business, showbiz

Reading The Tape

Business / Finance / Reading The Tape: Judging the performance of stocks by monitoring changes in price as they are displayed on the ticker tape. MORE

Reading The Lanes

Entertainment / Bowling / Reading The Lanes: The process of discovering how your ball reacts on different portions of the lane surface; hopefully, finding the best area to use to maximize strike potential. MORE

Regression Toward The Mean

Business / Finance / Regression Toward The Mean: The tendency that a random variable will ultimately have a value closer to its mean value. MORE


Business / Finance / Rehypothecation: Pledging to banks by securities brokers of the amount in customers' margin account as collateral for broker loans, which are used to cover margin loans to customers for margin purchases and selling sh MORE

Restoration Therapy

Health / Massage / Restoration Therapy: Restoration therapy has been practiced in Japan for more than fifteen hundred years and has proven successful in the treatment of migraine headaches, nervous tension, general fatigue, and muscular ach MORE

Reading The Lane

Entertainment / Bowling / Reading The Lane: Experimentation, usually during practice, to determine the characteristics of a lane. Some lanes are faster than others, some will allow a bigger hook while others will hold the ball back, etc. MORE