Double Bottom

Business / Finance / Double Bottom: A market consisting of many sellers and many buyers, as opposed to a conventional auction with one market maker and many buyers.

Other Words for Bottom

Bottom Noun Synonyms: seat, buttocks, rear, behind, rear end, rump, posterior, hindquarters, breech, fundament, gluteus maximus, backside, butt, prat, bum , can, duff, keister or keester, hinie, arse, ass, tokus, tochis

Other Words for Double

Double Adjective Synonyms: folded or doubled or bent over, overlapped, two-ply
Double Verb Synonyms: twofold, paired, coupled, duplicate(d), doubled

Double Taxation

Business / Finance / Double Taxation: Used for listed equity securities. Dividend roll in which the 'dividend capturer' already owns the stock cum dividend . MORE

Double Team

Entertainment / Basketball / Double Team: When two players from the same team move up to guard one offensive player it's called a double team. When two players cover an offensive player in a corner it's also known as a 'trap'. MORE

Double Switch

Entertainment / Baseball / Double Switch: A move when the manager removes a pitcher, and in an effort to strategically move the new pitcher’s spot in the batting order, the manager moves another player into the game, and the position player MORE

Double Superlative

Entertainment / Literature / Double Superlative: Double use of the superlative degree--such as the word foremost, which uses both the superlative sufix -m and -est (Algeo 317). MORE

Double Stacked (Magnet)

Technology / Home Audio / Double Stacked (Magnet): Two magnets overlaying each other to increase the overall magnetic field. In some designs for home theater applications the polarity is reversed which provides the effect of 'shielding,'inhibiting the MORE

Double Tide

Science / Tides and Currents / Double Tide: A double-headed tide, that is, a high water consisting of two maxima of nearly the same height separated by a relatively small depression, or a low water consisting of two minima separated by a relati MORE