Double Top

Business / Finance / Double Top: Government taxation of the same money twice; specifically, taxation of earnings at the corporate level and dividends at the stockholder level.

Other Words for Double

Double Verb Synonyms: twofold, paired, coupled, duplicate(d), doubled
Double Adjective Synonyms: folded or doubled or bent over, overlapped, two-ply

Other Words for Top

Top Verb Synonyms: surmount, cover, cap, crown, tip, finish, complete, garnish
Top Noun Synonyms: summit, apex, peak, acme, crest, head, pinnacle, vertex, zenith, meridian, crown, culmination, high point, height, apogee


Entertainment / Baseball / Shortstop: Defensive player positioned between second and third bases. MORE

Set-Top Box (STB)

Technology / Television (TV) / Set-Top Box (STB): These receivers (named because they typically sit on top of a television set) convert and display broadcasts from one frequency or type – analog cable, digital cable, or digital television – to a MORE

Show Stopper

Business / Finance / Show Stopper: Used in the context of general equities. Customer who has not placed a firm order to buy stock but has requested that the salesperson propose available stock for sale or purchase, along with the askin MORE

Sonnet Redoublé

Life Style / Poetry / Sonnet Redoublé: Fifteen sonnets, of which the last consists of all the repeated lines linking the other fourteen sonnets, in the same order in which they have appeared. MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Stop: A save; as a verb, to make a save. MORE

Scotch Doubles

Entertainment / Bowling / Scotch Doubles: A system of doubles play where the two bowlers on each team play alternate shots throughout the game. The only time one of the pair ever completes a frame on his/her own is when scoring a strike. MORE