Down Round

Business / Finance / Down Round: Used in the context of general equities. Technical theory that a major trend in the stock market must be confirmed by simultaneous movement of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Dow Jones Transportation Average to new highs or lows.

Other Words for Round

Round Noun Synonyms: heat, stage, level, turn
Round Preposition Synonyms: around, about, in a circle or ring, on all sides
Round Adverb Synonyms: circular, disc-shaped, discoid, disc-like
Round Verb Synonyms: about, around, encircling, enclosing, orbiting
Round Adjective Synonyms: curved, curvilinear, rounded, arched

Right Down Broadway

Entertainment / Baseball / Right Down Broadway: A pitch that is delivered in the middle of the strike zone. MORE

Quarter Round

Business / Construction / Quarter Round: A small trim molding that has the cross section of a quarter circle. MORE

Right Down The Pipe

Entertainment / Baseball / Right Down The Pipe: A pitch, usually a fastball that is thrown right in the heart of the hitter’s strike zone. MORE

Roll Down

Business / Finance / Roll Down: To move to an option position with a lower exercise price. MORE

Rondel, Roundel

Life Style / Poetry / Rondel, Roundel: Poetic forms of 11-14 lines where the first two lines are repeated in the middle and at the end, and that have only two rhymes. Algernon charles swinburne's 'the roundel' consists of eleven lines, two MORE

Practice Round

Entertainment / Golf / Practice Round: A round of golf usually thought of as being for the purpose of familiarizing a player with a particular course, and referred to specifically to differentiate it from a round in a competition MORE