Business / Finance / Downstream: A company's reduction in the number of employees, number of bureaucratic levels, and overall size in an attempt to increase efficiency and profitability.

Downstream Frequency

Technology / Computers / Downstream Frequency: Refers to the frequency that is used when transmitting information between the CMTS and cable modem. MORE

Reversing Falls

Science / Tides and Currents / Reversing Falls: A name applied to falls which flow alternately in opposite directions in a narrow channel in the St. John River above the city of St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, the phenomenon being due to the large MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Anvil: A heavy iron or steel block upon which metal is forged or hammered: also the fixed jaw on a micrometer against which parts are measured. MORE

Stream Order

Science / Geology / Stream Order: A classification system that represents the relative position of streams in a drainage basin. The highest tributaries in the basin are first order streams. These converge to form second order streams, MORE

Effluent Stream

Science / Geology / Effluent Stream: A stream that gains water from ground water flow. These streams are typical of humid climates where water tables are high. The discharge of an effluent stream can be sustained by ground water flow for MORE

Biological Monitoring

Business / Agriculture / Biological Monitoring: Using living organisms to test the quality of either effluent to be discharged into receiving waters, or waters downstream from a discharge. MORE