Business / Finance / Drawback: In the context of general equities, provoking a customer indication/inquiry/order by up or doing large amount of the volume in a stock.

Other Words for Drawback

Drawback Noun Synonyms: disadvantage, hindrance, stumbling-block, obstacle, impediment, hurdle, obstruction, snag, problem, difficulty, hitch, catch, handicap, liability, flaw, defect, detriment, fly in the ointment

Limit Price

Business / Taxes / Limit Price: A limit price is the specific price at which you tell your stockbroker to execute a buy or sell order on a particular security. If the transaction can be completed at that price, it goes through, but MORE


Business / Taxes / Collectible: When you invest in objects rather than in capital assets such as stocks or bonds, you are putting your money into collectibles. Collectibles can run the gamut from fine art, antique furniture, stamps, MORE


Business / Taxes / Reinvestment: When you own certain stocks and most mutual funds, you can reinvest the dividends or distributions to buy more shares instead of receiving a cash payout. In a corporate Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRI MORE

Money Order

Business / Finance / Money Order: A financial instrument backed by a deposit at a certain firm such as a bank that can be easily converted into cash. MORE

Yankee Bond

Business / Taxes / Yankee Bond: Yankee bonds are bonds issued in dollars in the United States by overseas companies and governments. The purpose is to raise more money than the issuers may be able to borrow in their home markets, ei MORE

Carolina Sapphire Cypress

Life Style / Christmas Trees / Carolina Sapphire Cypress: This southern dweller is naturally broad and has a strong scent of lemon and mint. It's very similar to the 'Blue Ice' cypress (and has similar drawbacks). MORE