Dressing Up A Portfolio

Business / Finance / Dressing Up A Portfolio: A tax or duty rebate on imported goods that are exported at a later date.

Parol Evidence Rule

Business / Real Estate / Parol Evidence Rule: A rule of evidence providing that a written agreement is the final expression of the agreement of the parties, not to be modified by oral or written negotiations. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Parody: Beside, subsidiary, or mock song): A parody imitates the serious manner and characteristic features of a particular literary work in order to make fun of those same features. The humorist achieves par MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Parodos: In Greek tragedy, the ceremonial entrance of the chorus. Usually the chorus at this time chants a lyric relating to the main theme of the play. MORE

Parkinsons Disease

Science / Psychiatry / Parkinsons Disease: A disease mostly affecting middle-aged and elderly people characterized by tremors and rigid, slow movement. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Parole: In Ferdinand de Saussure's theory of semiology, parole is the use of language--i.e., manifestations of actual speech and writing. Parole contrasts with langue, the invisible underlying system of langu MORE


Life Style / Poetry / Paronomasia : Punning, a play of meaning by yoking similar-sounding words. See pun. MORE