Business / Finance / Drop: A type of venture capitalist. In the usual model, the venture capitalist (VC) is involved in management and mentoring of the startup. A drive-by VC invests in a portfolio of startups and is often quick to exit.

Other Words for Drop

Drop Noun Synonyms: bit, spot, particle, taste, dram, sip, nip, pinch, dash, dab, smidgen or smidgin
Drop Verb Synonyms: globule, bead, drip, droplet, tear


Life Style / College / Drop-Add: Once a student is registered in classes for a semester, they may begin to drop and add courses according to the rules of the institution. This usually happens during the first few weeks of a semester MORE


Life Style / College / Add-Drop: The period of time at the beginning of each term when schedules can be adjusted without penalty. The length of the add/drop period varies by class and is determined by the number of instructional week MORE

drop kick

Entertainment / Football / drop kick: A kick in which the ball is dropped and kicked once it hits the ground and before it hits it again; a half-volley kick. A drop kick is one of the types of kick which can score a field goal. MORE

Voltage Drop

Technology / Home Audio / Voltage Drop: The amount of energy consumed when a device offers resistance in its circuit. The voltage (E) set up across a resistance (R) carrying a current (I). E=IR (Also see Volt). MORE

Tear Drop

Entertainment / Basketball / Tear Drop: The tear drop, also called a runner or a floater, is usually performed by undersized players (mainly point guards). A player usually starts the layup procedure a good distance away from the basket. Th MORE


Science / Biology / Hydrophobic: Water-fearing.Term applied to nonpolar molecules that cannot bond with water. MORE