Drop Lock

Business / Finance / Drop Lock: Refers to over-the-counter trading. Remove from O.T.C. trading list; hence, no longer making a market in a security.

Other Words for Drop

Drop Verb Synonyms: globule, bead, drip, droplet, tear
Drop Noun Synonyms: bit, spot, particle, taste, dram, sip, nip, pinch, dash, dab, smidgen or smidgin

Other Words for Lock

Lock Verb Synonyms: tress, curl, ringlet
Lock Noun Synonyms: padlock, hasp, bolt, latch, bar, hook, clasp, catch

Lock Out

Health / Fitness / Lock Out: Partial repetition of an exercise by pushing the weight through only last few inches of movement. MORE

Lock-In Clause

Business / Real Estate / Lock-In Clause: A condition in a promissory note that prohibits prepayment of the note. MORE


Business / Finance / Lock-Out: With PAC bond CMO classes, the period before the PAC sinking fund becomes effective. With multifamily loans, the period of time during which prepayment is prohibited. MORE

Lock In

Business / Finance / Lock In: To ensure that an individual transacts all his or her business with a sole broker by providing superior services, such as accommodating block buy and sell needs or preparing excellent research (soft-d MORE

Lock And Key Model

Science / Chemistry / Lock And Key Model: A model that explains the role of enzymes in chemical reactions by assuming that the reactants fit into the enzyme like a key fits into a lock. MORE

Left Wing Lock

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Left Wing Lock: The left wing lock is a defensive ice hockey strategy similar to the neutral zone trap. In the most basic form, once puck possession changes, the left wing moves back in line with the defensemen. Each MORE