Dual-Currency Issues

Business / Finance / Dual-Currency Issues: The custom of a trader on the commodities market to deal for its own account and the investor's account at the same time.

Small Issues Exemption

Business / Finance / Small Issues Exemption: An individual person investing in small quantities of stock or bonds. This group of investors makes up a minimal fraction of total stock ownership. MORE

Specific Issues Market

Business / Finance / Specific Issues Market: The percentage of the total short sales of stock sold short by specialists. MORE


Science / Biology / Tissues: Groups of similar cells organized to carry out one or more specific functions. Groups of cells performing a function in a multicellular organism. MORE

New-Issues Market

Business / Finance / New-Issues Market: The market in which a new issue of securities is first sold to investors. This is not a separate market but refers to a niche of the overall market. MORE

Euroequity Issues

Business / Finance / Euroequity Issues: A certificate of deposit paying interest and principal in dollars, but issued by a bank outside the United States, usually in Europe. MORE

Canonical Issues

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Canonical Issues: (duplicate content) canon = legitimate or official version - It is often nearly impossible to avoid duplicate content, especially with CMSs like Wordpress, but also due to the fact that www.site.com, MORE