Dual Trading

Business / Finance / Dual Trading: An international equity placement that splits the offering is split into two tranches - domestic and foreign - and each tranche is handled by a separate lead manager.

Residual Ridge

Health / Dentistry / Residual Ridge: A remnant of the alveolar process and soft tissue covering after teeth are removed. MORE

Residual Risk

Business / Finance / Residual Risk: Related: Unsystematic risk MORE

Residual Method

Business / Finance / Residual Method: A method of allocating the purchase price for the acquisition of another firm among the acquired assets. MORE

Residual Income

Business / Accounting / Residual Income: The amount of net income an investment center is able to earn above a specified minimum rate of return on assets. MORE

Residual Current

Science / Tides and Currents / Residual Current: The observed current minus the astronomical tidal current. MORE

Residual Dividend Approach

Business / Finance / Residual Dividend Approach: An approach that suggests that a firm pay dividends if and only if acceptable investment opportunities for those funds are currently unavailable. MORE