Business / Finance / Dumping: A mortgage contract clause stipulating that the borrower to pay off the full remaining principal on a mortgage if the mortgaged property is sold before the mortgage is paid off.

Antidumping Duty

Business / Agriculture / Antidumping Duty: A duty or levy imposed under authority of Title VII of the U.S. Tariff Act of 1930. Title VII states that if the U.S. Department of Commerce determines that an imported product is being sold at less t MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Release: The point at which the ball is put onto the lane; also, the hand action that takes place at that point. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Dump: To release the ball without bending the knee, which usually makes it travel through the air before plopping down on the lane. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Disposal: The discharge, deposit, injection, dumping, spilling, leaking, or placing of any solid waste or hazardous waste into the environment (land, surface water, ground water, and air). MORE


Business / Taxes / Sell-Off: A sell-off is a period of intense selling of securities and commodities triggered by declining prices. Sell-offs — sometimes called dumping — usually cause prices to plummet even more sharply. MORE

Sell Off

Business / Finance / Sell Off: Sale of securities under pressure. See: Dumping. MORE