Business / Finance / Duty: A form of adjustable-rate preferred stock in which the dividend is ascertained in a Dutch auction process by corporate bidders every seven weeks.

Other Words for Duty

Duty Noun Synonyms: respect, deference, loyalty, fealty, fidelity, faithfulness, allegiance
Duty Adjective Synonyms: responsibility, obligation, burden, onus, devoir, office, work, task, assignment, job, stint, chore, occupation, calling, function, role, part, bit, charge

Antidumping Duty

Business / Agriculture / Antidumping Duty: A duty or levy imposed under authority of Title VII of the U.S. Tariff Act of 1930. Title VII states that if the U.S. Department of Commerce determines that an imported product is being sold at less t MORE

Import Duty

Business / Agriculture / Import Duty: A customs duty is a charge assessed by a government on an imported item at its point of customs entry into the country, and paid for by the importer: the term is now used interchangeably with tariff. MORE

Duty Cycle

Technology / Motors / Duty Cycle: The relationship between the operating and rest times or repeatable operation at different loads. A motor which can continue to operate within the temperature limits of its insulation system, after it MORE

Duty-Free Port

Life Style / Travel / Duty-Free Port: A port free of customs duty and most customs regulations. But 'duty-free' doesn't always mean a bargain. There may be national or local taxes that apply instead. MORE

Ad Valorem Duty

Business / Agriculture / Ad Valorem Duty: A tariff expressed as a fixed percentage of the value of the imported commodity or product. Generally, by contrast, a specific duty is applied as a charge on each unit or specified quantity of an impo MORE

Countervailing Duty

Business / Agriculture / Countervailing Duty: A charge levied on an imported article to offset the unfair price advantage it holds due to a subsidy paid to producers or exporters by the government of the exporting country. Section 303 of the Tari MORE