Dynamic Hedging

Business / Finance / Dynamic Hedging: An asset allocation strategy in which the asset mix is shifted in response to changing market conditions, as in a portfolio insurance strategy, for example.

Other Words for Dynamic

Dynamic Adjective Synonyms: dynamical, vigorous, active, forceful, energetic, potent, powerful, high-powered, lively, spry, vital, electric, spirited, zealous, eager, emphatic

First Law Of Thermodynamics (Conservation)

Science / Biology / First Law Of Thermodynamics (Conservation): Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it changes from one form to another. MORE

Group Dynamics

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Group Dynamics: The social manner in which people interact with each other within a group. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Hedging: Taking a position in a futures market opposite to a position held in the cash market to minimize the risk of financial loss from an adverse price change: a purchase or sale of futures contract as a te MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Dynamics: When used in music, refers to the varying degree of loudness and softness in a musical performance. MORE

Dynamic Weights

Entertainment / Bowling / Dynamic Weights: In the old days, before the advent of modern core design in balls, the center of the ball was, more or less, symmetrical. In today's high tech computer designed ball cores and multiple cores designs, MORE

Dynamic Rotation

Business / Internet Marketing / Dynamic Rotation: Advertisements rotate on a timed basis. MORE