Economic Dependence

Business / Finance / Economic Dependence: General market environment a firm expects to operate in over the life of a financial plan.

Other Words for Economic

Economic Adjective Synonyms: profitable, cost-effective, money-making, remunerative, productive, solvent
Economic Noun Synonyms: financial, fiscal, pecuniary, monetary, budgetary, commercial, mercantile, trade

Greek Independence Day

Life Style / Holiday / Greek Independence Day: Since 1821, the Greeks have observed March 25 as their national Independence Day. Commemorating the day they gained their freedom from Turkey. Evangelismou is an old Christian holy day to remember the MORE

Index Of Leading Economic Indicators

Business / Taxes / Index Of Leading Economic Indicators: This monthly composite of ten economic measurements was developed to track and help forecast changing patterns in the economy. It is compiled by The Conference Board, a business research group. The co MORE

International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA)

Business / Agriculture / International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA): Title II of P.L. 95-223 (October 28, 1977) grants the President authority to regulate a comprehensive range of commercial and financial transactions with another country in order to deal with a threat MORE


Business / Finance / Economics: An agreement between two or more countries that allows the free movement of capital, labor, and all goods and services, and involves the harmonization and unification of social, fiscal, and monetary p MORE

Economic Union

Business / Finance / Economic Union: For any entity, the difference between the market value of all its assets and the market value of its liabilities. MORE

Economic Research Service (ERS)

Business / Agriculture / Economic Research Service (ERS): USDA’s in-house agricultural economics analysis and research agency. It employs about 600 people and has an annual budget of about $53 million. MORE