Economic Rents

Business / Finance / Economic Rents: A general term for various technical measures of profit in which adjustments are made to the traditional accounting definition of Net Income. Such adjustments are typically made in order to better estimate the future value of a business.

Other Words for Economic

Economic Noun Synonyms: financial, fiscal, pecuniary, monetary, budgetary, commercial, mercantile, trade
Economic Adjective Synonyms: profitable, cost-effective, money-making, remunerative, productive, solvent

International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA)

Business / Agriculture / International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA): Title II of P.L. 95-223 (October 28, 1977) grants the President authority to regulate a comprehensive range of commercial and financial transactions with another country in order to deal with a threat MORE

Keynesian Economics

Business / Finance / Keynesian Economics: An economic theory of British economist, John Maynard Keynes that active government intervention is necessary to ensure economic growth and stability. MORE

Leading Economic Indicators

Business / Finance / Leading Economic Indicators: Economic series that tend to rise or fall in advance of the rest of the economy. MORE


Business / Finance / Macroeconomics: Analysis of a country's economy as a whole. MORE

Index Of Leading Economic Indicators

Business / Taxes / Index Of Leading Economic Indicators: This monthly composite of ten economic measurements was developed to track and help forecast changing patterns in the economy. It is compiled by The Conference Board, a business research group. The co MORE

Ground Rents

Business / Real Estate / Ground Rents: A perpetual lease where the landowner retains title and the lessee recieves the right of possession and use. Used predominantly in Maryland and Pennsylvania prior to 1885. MORE