Effective Convexity

Business / Finance / Effective Convexity: The strike price in a market redemption provision plus the accrued interest to the redemption date.

Other Words for Effective

Effective Verb Synonyms: effectual, efficacious, productive, capable,eful, serviceable, competent, operative, able, functional, efficient
Effective Adjective Synonyms: impressive, remarkable, noticeable, conspicuous, outstanding, striking, powerful, compelling, moving, telling, effectual

Effective Pixels

Technology / Digital Cameras / Effective Pixels: This is the number of pixels of the CCD used to make up the final image. MORE

Effective Rate

Technology / Email / Effective Rate: Metric that measures how many of those who opened an email message clicked on a link, usually measured as unique responders divided by unique opens. MORE

Effective Pixel Count

Technology / Digital Cameras / Effective Pixel Count: There are two different ways to think about the pixels on a camera's image sensor. 'Actual' pixels is a simple count of every pixel present on the sensor. 'Effective' pixels, however, is a count of al MORE

Effective Pitch

Technology / Aviation / Effective Pitch: The actual distance a propeller moves through the air in one revolution. It is the difference between the geometric pitch of the propeller and the prop slip. MORE

Effective Piston Area (Sd)

Technology / Home Audio / Effective Piston Area (Sd): (measured in square inches or meters) The active radiating area of a speaker cone, including that part of the surround which displaces sufficient air to produce a measurable acoustic output. MORE

Effective Sale

Business / Finance / Effective Sale: A measure of the time value of money that fully reflects the effects of compounding. MORE