Either-Or Facility

Business / Finance / Either-Or Facility: Used in the context of general equities. A specialist or another broker is bidding higher or offering lower than we are, often topping or undercutting us by an eighth.

Other Words for Facility

Facility Verb Synonyms: ease, smoothness, fluency, effortlessness, readiness, easiness, skill, skillfulness, deftness, dexterity, adroitness, ability, aptitude, expertise, expertness, proficiency, mastery, masterfulness, masterliness, efficiency, quickness, alacrity, celerity

Residential Care Facility

Life Style / Adoption / Residential Care Facility: A structured 24-hour care facility with staff that provide psychological services to help severely troubled children overcome behavioral, emotional, mental or psychological problems that adversely aff MORE

Radar Approach Control Facility (RAPCON)

Technology / Aviation / Radar Approach Control Facility (RAPCON): A terminal ATC facility that uses radar and non-radar capabilities to provide approach control services to aircraft arriving, departing, or transiting airspace controlled by the facility. This facilit MORE

Search Facility

Technology / Email / Search Facility: Allows you find email messages in your folders based on certain criteria that you specify - very useful if you have a lot of messages stored in a large number of folders. MORE

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)

Health / Dentistry / Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF): A licensed facility that provides nursing care and related services for patients who do not require hospitalization in an acute care setting. MORE

Swingline Facility

Business / Finance / Swingline Facility: A feature of a security that makes it more attractive to potential purchasers. MORE

Passenger Facility Charge (Pfc)

Life Style / Travel / Passenger Facility Charge (Pfc): An airport tax that is authorized by the us congress for upgrading and expanding local airport facilities charged per customer. Currently the tax must be between $3 and $12 on any single transaction. MORE