Business / Finance / Elves: Technical market timing strategy that predicts price movements on the basis of historical price wave patterns and their underlying psychological motives. Robert Prechter is a famous Elliott Wave theorist.

Myopractic Muscle Therapy

Health / Massage / Myopractic Muscle Therapy: Robert Petteway developed the Myopractic system after thirty years in the healing arts. His experience in structural integration, biomechanics, acupuncture, Oriental medicine, and a wide variety of mu MORE

Energy Flow Balancing

Health / Massage / Energy Flow Balancing: This gentle treatment assists clients in balancing their energy flow. Therapists hold a space for clients to make whatever shifts or changes toward balance they deem necessary. Emphasis is given to th MORE

Cryptic Colouration

Science / Marine Biology / Cryptic Colouration: To protect themselves against predators, many animals acquire colouring and markings to match and conceal them in their usual surroundings. For example the nudibranch (sea slug), Rostanga pulchra, is MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Wyrd: Often translated as 'fate,' wyrd is an Anglo-Saxon term that embodies the concept of inevitability in Old English poetry. Unlike destiny, in which one imagines looking forward into the future to see t MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Tmesis: Intentionally breaking a word into two parts for emphasis. Goldwyn once wrote, 'I have but two words to say to your request: Im Possible.' In the movie True Lies, one character states, 'I have two wor MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Deism: (From Latin Deus, 'God') An intellectual religious movement en vogue through the late seventeenth century up to the late eighteenth century concerned with rational rather than faith-based approaches t MORE