Business / Finance / Encumbered: Securities and Exchange Commission rule that allows only the bidder of a tender offer to trade in the stock while possessing inside information.


Business / Finance / Unencumbered: The percentage of the people classified as unemployed as compared to the total labor force. MORE

Link Love

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Link Love: An outgoing link, which passes trust, unencumbered by any kind of link hiding. MORE


Business / Debt / Asset: An asset is property that belongs to an individual. Including; real property (land or buildings) and personal property (eg cash, stocks and shares, or vehicles). MORE

Grant Deed

Business / Real Estate / Grant Deed: A type of deed in which the grantor warrants to the grantee, that he has not previously conveyed the estate, that he has not encumbered the property (except as noted in the deed) and that he will conv MORE