Business / Finance / Escrow: Provision in a contract allowing cost increases to be passed on. In an employment contract, for example an escalator clause may call for wage increases in line with inflation.

Escrow Agent-Officer

Business / Real Estate / Escrow Agent-Officer: An individual qualified to perform all the steps necessary to prepare and carry out escrow instructions. Tasks include obtaining title insurance, securing payoff demands, prorating taxes, interest, re MORE

Escrow Instructions

Business / Real Estate / Escrow Instructions: In a sales transaction, a writing signed by buyer and seller that details the procedures necessary to close a transaction and directs the escrow agent how to proceed. Sometimes the buyer and seller ex MORE

Escrow Fee

Business / Real Estate / Escrow Fee: A fee covering all the usual escrow services except for title insurance. The fee is normally determined by the amount of money involved in the transaction. MORE

Escrow Agent

Business / Taxes / Escrow Agent: An escrow agent is the person or group that holds certain of your assets in an escrow account while you negotiate the final terms of a contract. For example, if you are buying a home, the escrow agent MORE

Final Escrow Instructions

Business / Real Estate / Final Escrow Instructions: Statements prepared by the escrow agent which reflect the final figures and instructions required to close escrow. MORE

Canceling Escrow

Business / Real Estate / Canceling Escrow: Providing written notification that an escrow is to be terminated, must be done by mutual consent of all parties to the escrow and in accordance with governing agreements. MORE