Euro Straight

Business / Finance / Euro Straight: Lines of credit granted by banks (foreign or foreign branches of U.S. banks) for Eurocurrencies.

Other Words for Straight

Straight Adjective Synonyms: direct, unbending, undeviating, uncurved, regular, linear
Straight Verb Synonyms: even, square, true, right, flat, smooth, horizontal, level


Science / Biology / Neurotransmitters: Chemicals released from the tip of an axon into the synaptic cleft when a nerve impulse arrives; may stimulate or inhibit the next neuron. The chemical that crosses the synaptic cleft and causes the t MORE


Science / Chemistry / Neurotransmitter: Neurotransmitters are molecules that are used to carry signals from one neuron to another. One neuron releases the neurotransmitter near another neuron's receptors. The neurotransmitter diffuses acros MORE


Science / Biology / Neurotoxin: Chemical that paralyzes nerves. Neurotoxins are produced by a variety of organisms, most notably some of the heterotrophic dinoflagellates. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Neurosis: a disorder in which the individual has insight into the illness and they can distinguish between subjective experience and external reality MORE

NFL Europa

Entertainment / Football / NFL Europa: The NFL's former 6-team European spring league, which folded after its 2007 season. MORE

Northern Europe (NE) Cotton Price

Business / Agriculture / Northern Europe (NE) Cotton Price: An average of the five lowest prices of several internationally-traded cottons (including cost, insurance, and freight) quoted for delivery in Northern Europe. The NE price is used by USDA in its form MORE