Ex Ante Return

Business / Finance / Ex Ante Return: A British term referring to the gradual injection of capital into a new or existing enterprise.

Other Words for Return

Return Verb Synonyms: come or go back, revert, turn back
Return Noun Synonyms: replace, put back, restore, give back, bring or carry back
Return Adjective Synonyms: exchange, bring back or carry back

Midextreme Tide

Science / Tides and Currents / Midextreme Tide: An elevation midway between extreme high water and extreme low water occurring in any locality. MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Mexico: The best Mexico coffees (Oaxaca Pluma, Coatepec, Chiapas) are distinguished by a light body and a delicate, pleasant acidity. Highland Chiapas coffees can be bigger and more richly acidy. MORE

Mexican Stock Exchange

Business / Finance / Mexican Stock Exchange: The only stock exchange in Mexico. The Indice de Precios y Cotizaciones, or IPC index, consists of the 35 most representative stocks chosen every two months. MORE

Midterm Exams (Midterms)

Life Style / College / Midterm Exams (Midterms): During the middle of each semester, instructors may give mid-term exams that test students on the material covered during the first half of the semester. Some classes have only two tests, a mid-term a MORE

Milan Stock Exchange

Business / Finance / Milan Stock Exchange: The largest regional stock exchange in Italy, facilitating more than 90% of the country's trading volume. MORE

Misery Index

Business / Finance / Misery Index: An index that sums the unemployment and inflation rates, used as a political rating or measure of consumer confidence. MORE