Exact Matching

Business / Finance / Exact Matching: Interest paid based on the basis of a 365-day/year schedule by a bank or other financial institution as opposed to a 360-day basis (ordinary interest). Difference can be material when large principal sums of money are involved.

Other Words for Exact

Exact Noun Synonyms: demand, extort, require, enforce, insist on or upon, extract, impose, wrest, compel, enjoin, call for, requisition, claim
Exact Adverb Synonyms: precise, accurate, correct, faithful, true, faultless, identical, literal, perfect, consummate

Other Words for Matching

Matching Verb Synonyms: corresponding, homologous, comparable, equivalent, complementary

Matching Contribution

Business / Taxes / Matching Contribution: A matching contribution is money your employer adds to your salary reduction retirement savings account, such as a 401(k). It's usually a percentage of the amount you contribute up to a cap that the e MORE

Matching Concept

Business / Finance / Matching Concept: The accounting principle that requires the recognition of all costs that are associated with the generation of the revenue reported in the income statement. MORE

Matching Principle

Business / Accounting / Matching Principle: The concept that all costs and expenses incurred in generating revenues must be recognized in the same reporting period as the related revenues. MORE

Symmetric Cash Matching

Business / Finance / Symmetric Cash Matching: Illiquid, inactively traded stock not familiar market MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Voice-Matching: When speakers possess a similar timbre or tonal quality. Voice-matched (or timbre-matched) speakers in a home theater system will result in more seamless, consistent, convincing wraparound sound. A go MORE

Three-Dimensional Projection Matching

Science / Spiders / Three-Dimensional Projection Matching: a method of refinement in reconstructing single particles from their projections [Penczek et al., 1994]. A preliminary 3D map, obtained by random-conical reconstruction or angular reconstitution, is u MORE