Business / Finance / Exchangeable: A nickname for the New York Stock Exchange. Also known as the Big Board, where more than 2000 common and preferred stocks are traded. The exchange is the oldest in the United States, founded in 1792, and the largest. It is located on Wall Street in New York City.

Exchangeable Security

Business / Finance / Exchangeable Security: Applies mainly to convertible securities. Bond or preferred stock that may be exchangeable into the common stock of a different public corporation. MORE

Exchangeable Instrument

Business / Finance / Exchangeable Instrument: Applies mainly to convertible securities. Means the issuer, if so stated, may substitute a convertible debenture for an existing convertible preferred with identical terms. Most often used when a corp MORE

Convertible Exchangeable Preferred Stock

Business / Finance / Convertible Exchangeable Preferred Stock: A eurobond that can be converted into another asset, often through exercise of attached warrants. MORE

Conversion Premium

Business / Finance / Conversion Premium: Applies mainly to convertible securities. Common stock price at which a convertible bond can become exchangeable for common shares of equal value; value of a convertible bond based solely on the marke MORE

Mandatory Convertibles

Business / Finance / Mandatory Convertibles: A debt instrument that is exchangeable at some point for equity in the form of common stock or a new issue. MORE

Token Economy

Science / Psychiatry / Token Economy: A system involving the application of the principles and procedures of operant conditioning to the management of a social setting such as a ward, classroom, or halfway house. Tokens are given continge MORE